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ASD Assessments

Child Counseling

These are offered to children over four years of age (although can be completed for younger ages where the difficulties are significant), adolescents and adults where their difficulties may fit the pattern of ASD.  Our assessments are completed by a multi-disciplinary team and the professionals can include a Clinical Psychologist, an Assistant Psychologist, a Speech and Language Therapist, a paediatrician and other relevant professionals where required. Our assessments follow all the NICE guidelines and are very thorough using gold standard assessments including the ADOS and ADI-R. The full assessment process would include:

  • A direct assessment of the person being assessed (ADOS assessment). This is most often done face to face but where a person can engage virtually this can be an alternative if you can’t get to us.

  • A developmental history interview with someone who knew the person well when growing up, usually a parent or family member (ADI-r interview). This is usually carried out virtually.

  • A discussion with the person’s school or college if they are still in education. Sometimes a direct school observation is required, and this is usually for those attending a primary school setting or where there are disagreements about a person’s difficulties or presentation. If an observation is required, additional travel costs will be required, and these will be outlined to you in advance.

  • Questionnaires will also be sent or completed with the person and family members. 


Follow up sessions can also be arranged to offer post-diagnostic support or strategies to help manage agreed difficulties associated with ASD for that person.


To date, our assessments have always been accepted by local authorities and NHS trusts as they are robust and follow NICE guidelines and best practice, but if you are concerned about whether your local trust or area would accept a private assessment, please do contact your local services in the first instance to check this out.

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