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For children, adolescents and adults and their families

Children and young people can present with mental health difficulties which interfere with their day to day functioning. At Wren Psychology we believe in a systemic approach to therapy which often includes having the family together in the therapy room during some sessions. The sessions draw on cognitive behavioural, compassion focussed and narrative approaches to emotional distress. Difficulties which we can provide therapy for are those associated with attachment difficulties or early trauma, anxiety, low mood, autism and ADHD post-diagnostic support, ARFID and feeding difficulties support, OCD, grief, and self-esteem.


All therapy starts with an initial assessment where we determine together what the main difficulties are and agree on an approach most suited to the goals of therapy for that person. This is usually between 1 and 1.5 hours. After this therapy sessions will last 50 minutes each.

Primarily we offer therapy sessions for children and families but if we have space will also consider adult referrals.

We offer both virtual and face to face therapy sessions.

We can offer some lower cost therapy slots with our trainee therapists, who are supervised weekly by a qualified Clinical Psychologist and often have lots of experience and good therapeutic skills, but as they are still undergoing some of their training, we can offer some reduced rates for these members of staff. Please ask for more information.

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