Pregnant Woman and Partner


A service for women, partners and children in the perinatal period and into early parenting

Our perinatal mental health practitioner and midwife, Clinical Psychologist and assistant psychologists work to support emotional difficulties arising in the perinatal period and in early parenting. We can offer face to face session in Milton Keynes or virtual sessions.

It can be difficult to know how to move forward when you've experienced challenges or losses on the way to becoming a parent. We can help if you are managing the challenges of infertility, grieving after a pregnancy loss, or recovering from a difficult birth. We can also help if you are concerned about bonding with your new baby, helping you to reflect on any difficult experiences and reflecting on your own childhood experiences in your transition to parenthood.

We help with difficulties conceiving, miscarriages and still births, postnatal depression and anxiety, with trauma and bonding and attachment difficulties.

Parenting young children can also have its challenges particularly if something disrupts or alters your attachment with your child such as medical complications, trauma or stressful situations. We can help with attachment difficulties and behaviours that might be challenging during these times with support to the parents, the child or both. We can also liaise with nurseries, schools or other professionals to support the family during these times. We consider these early difficulties from birth up to the age of 5.