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Executive Functioning Coaching
(including ADHD/ASD Coaching and Neurodiversity Coaching)


Executive Functioning coaching is also known as ADHD Coaching, ASD Coaching or Neurodiversity Coaching.

Executive functions are the basic skills of self-management. The ability to organise activities, regulate emotions and remember tasks are significant processes within our brains, and if these are impaired this can have a negative effect on a child and adults’ well-being at home, school or work.

Executive functioning broadly covers three types of brain function, working memory, mental flexibility and self-control. These functions are highly dependent on each other and the successful use of executive function skills require them to operate in coordination with each other.

Because of the malleable nature of the brain’s neural pathways, techniques to overcome executive function challenges can be taught; one of the most effective and proven methods is coaching conducted by a well-trained practitioner. The coaching model we use was originally developed by educational psychologists in the US and is based on two assumptions:


  • Most children, adolescents and adults have an array of executive skills strengths and challenges.

  • The primary purpose of identifying areas of weakness is to be able to design and implement interventions to address those challenges.

Executive functioning coaching is for all people looking to make a meaningful change in their lives. This might include people with neurodiversity, but not exclusively,  as many people can present with executive function challenges for a variety of reasons.

We can support you in developing strategies to manage your life and emotions. Executive function coaching can improve business or academic performance, relationships at home, well-being and resilience

All our coaches are trained and have an enhanced certificate in EF coaching alongside a range of other professional experience and training. In addition we provide our coaches with supervision from a Clinical Psychologist who is also trained in EF coaching leading to high quality coaching and support for all of our clients which some other offerings may not be able to match.

Our coaching sessions can be completed either virtually or face to face, typically in our office in Castlethorpe, Milton Keynes.

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