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Cognitive Assessments

Childs Pyschologist

This can be completed for a person of any age. A full background history will be taken from a parent/guardian or someone who knows the person best. This is followed by sessions to measure the persons cognitive ability and day to day functioning to determine a person’s strengths and weaknesses. Strategies will also be given to help with their specific difficulties. Assessments can include:

  • Overall cognitive assessment to identify strengths and weaknesses.

  • A learning disability assessment which including overall cognitive ability and everyday functioning considerations.


Our cognitive assessments can also be combined with assessments for ASD and ADHD to give a full picture of the persons strengths and difficulties.


Key assessments used are the WISC-V or WAIS IV for overall intelligence, memory tests such as the WMS or CMS, executive functioning tests using the BRIEF 2 or BADS, academic functioning tests such as the WIAT III, language screening measures, plus other as required. Assessments will be completed by the Clinical Psychologist assisted by an Assistant Psychologist and can be completed in one longer session with some breaks or over several sessions depending on what most suits the person. These are all face-to-face sessions.

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