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Dyslexia Assessments

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These are completed by an experienced and trained HCPC Clinical Psychologist (classified as a practitioner psychologist) and include overall functioning, current academic functioning and language and memory considerations to ascertain any specific area of difficulty. 


Our reports to date have been accepted by schools and exam boards for additional time or special considerations for exam arrangements and by universities and student finances for the Disabled Students Allowances. But if you have concerns about whether a private assessment would be accepted, please do check this out in your local area first.


Key assessments used are the WISC-V or WAIS IV for overall intelligence, memory tests such as the WMS or CMS, executive functioning tests using the BRIEF 2 or BADS, academic functioning tests such as the WIAT III, language screening measures, plus other as required. Assessments will be completed by the Clinical Psychologist assisted by an Assistant Psychologist and usually take between 3-4 direct face to face testing sessions.


We can also offer a cognitive assessment with a more basic dyslexia screening session in order to help guide whether a full dyslexia assessment may be required. If a full dyslexia assessment is required at this stage, you will only pay the difference between the screening costs and the full assessments to ‘top up’ the assessments to the full set of tests.

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