Clinical Psychologist (DClinPsy) and Director

Michelle is HCPC registered and works mainly with children and families but is also experienced to work with adults.

Michelle has clinical experience working with adults and children with Learning Disabilities and Autism, children with medical conditions, ARFID and complex feeding presentations in children, adults with brain injuries and both children and adults with a range of mental health difficulties, including anxieties, OCD, hoarding and difficulties related to early life trauma. Michelle also has experience in supporting families and children through the perinatal period and into easy parenting, with a focus on difficulties with trauma, attachment and behaviours that challenge. Michelle is also experienced in diagnosing ASD and learning disabilities for both children and adults.

Before becoming a clinical psychologist Michelle worked in Special Educational Needs for 10 years working with parents and professionals to put together the best education for children with complex needs. This experience has led to the development of the services she provides to schools believing that the right emotional and psychological support for both pupils and teachers is vital.


DClinPsy - University of Leicester

Foundation Level Systemic Theory and Practice - University of Leicester

MSc Psychological Research - University of Leicester

BSc(hons) Psychology - Lancaster University

Additional training in Systemic practice, level one.

EMDR practitioner (parts 1-4)


Marlborough, M., Welham, A., Jones, C. et al. Autism spectrum disorder in females with fragile X syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysis of prevalence. J Neurodevelop Disord 13, 28 (2021). 

Dewhurst, S.A., & Marlborough, M. (2003). Memory bias in the recall of pre-exam anxiety: The influence of self-enhancement.Applied Cognitive Psychology, 17, 695-702.

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Clinical Psychologist (DClinPsy)

Lucie is a HCPC registered Clinical Psychologist with experience working at centres of excellence including King’s College Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. She has particular expertise working with children, young people, families and adults living with a physical health condition, as well as those with Autism Spectrum Disorder. In addition she has experience supporting children and young people experiencing mental health difficulties and complex feeding presentations, as well as those requiring support building resilience and self-esteem.



DClinPsych – University of Essex

BSc(hons) Experimental Psychology – University of Bristol


Kanfiszer, L., Davies, F., & Collins, S. (2017) ‘I was just so different’: the experiences of women diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder in adulthood in relation to gender and social relationships. Autism, 21 (6): 661-669. 

Kanfiszer, L, Samyn, M, O’Reilly et al. (2015) ‘The biggest thing was knowing I’m not the only one’: The role of peer support in the liver transition service. Transition: developmentally appropriate care for young people with long-term conditions, Royal College of Physicians, London, UK.

Matcham, F., Kanfiszer, L. & Hames, A. (2016) ‘Development of an adherence self-help leaflet for the parents of children with liver disease.’ Annual meeting of the European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition, Athens, Greece. 



Sarah is an Assistant Psychologist who works mainly with children and families but is also experienced in working with adults.

Sarah has clinical experience of working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), children with medical conditions, adults with brain injuries and both children and adults with a range of mental health difficulties including low mood, anxiety and difficulties related to early life trauma. Sarah is also experienced in conducting assessments with both children and adults and associated supporting assessment methods such as school observation. Sarah is experienced in delivering both online and face-to-face therapy.



MSc Forensic Psychology - University of Lincoln

BSc(Hons) Psychology with Clinical Psychology – University of Lincoln

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Clinical Psychologist (DClinPsy)

Lauren is a HCPC registered Clinical Psychologist with over 15 years experience of working clinically with young people, families and adults. This has involved specialist assessment, formulation, consultation, and therapeutic intervention.


Lauren currently works alongside children and families experiencing mental health difficulties such as anxiety, depression, phobias and trauma. She specialises in medical psychology and supporting those with physical health conditions such as diabetes, cancer, chronic pain and cystic fibrosis. She also has experience in providing psychological support to people with learning disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder. 


Lauren has significant experience in offering a comprehensive range of cognitive and neurodevelopmental diagnostic assessments for both young people and adults.



DClinPsy – University of Leicester

Foundation Level Systemic Theory and Practice – University of Leicester

MSc Psychological Research Methods – The Open University

PGCert Evidence Based Psychological Therapies – University of Reading

BSc (hons) Psychology – University of Northampton

EMDR practitioner (parts 1-4)



Reynolds, P. & Field, L. (2012). Audit of group based activities in an inpatient assessment and treatment unit for individuals with learning disabilities. British Journal of Learning Difficulties, 41(4), 273-279.

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Steph Tennant is an Assistant Psychologist who has worked with children, young people and their families. She has extensive experience in delivering support to families across a range of difficulties including behaviour management, emotional wellbeing and alcohol/substance use.

She has long term experience in supporting a wide range of professionals in coordinating and sourcing support for families in need, including Education and Health. 

She has experience in delivering CBT behaviour change programmes to adult and young offenders to reduce reoffending and improve anger management. In addition she is skilled in completing reports and assessments to determine the presenting needs of children and young people. 


-BSc (hons) Psychology with English literature - University College Worcester.

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Alex Bailey is an Associate Perinatal Mental Health Practitioner and Midwife with over 10 years experience working with women and their families throughout all stages of the perinatal period.

Alex has undergone further training in perinatal mental health and specialises in offering support regarding emotional difficulties that may arise throughout the journey to parenthood and beyond, including pregnancy loss, birth trauma, low postnatal mood, and bonding or attachment.


Bsc Midwifery- University of Hertfordshire 

Ba sociology- University of the West of England